Thursday, May 10, 2007


So I've been in Africa for three days now. What do I have to show for it? I have the runs and nausea every time I eat and drink. Speaking of drinking I have to drink like 4 liters a day just because I sweat so much. Like I say,"I don't sweat I rain." I think I'm might be melting from the inside and out. It seems that everything that comes out my body is liquid and clear. So today I'm sleeping and seeing if I can acclimate my body to the foreign food I've ingested.
Right now is free-time. Some are at the beach or temple, I'm in a dark air conditioned room typing to you thanks to the wireless that have at the hostel. That is a perk.
Yesterday we went north into a small village to introduce ourselves to a women's group that was maybe interested in learning more about AIDS. The village was what I might expect of an impoverished area of Africa to look like; many malnourished children, wood and tin shanties, and dirt roads. What I wasn't expecting was a mixing table with DJ blasting when we arrived. The DJ spun and mixed everything from traditional African beats to The Real Slim Shady which oddly felt like a poorly attempted reach out to our culture.
Speaking of cultural mis-connect, we attempted to play a game that allowed each group to get to know one another. We poorly wrote the questions that confused the poor women. One was involving some cultural aspects of carrying objects by placing them on you head. We asked what was the most they had carried on their head. A)they didn't know and B) they found it bizzare that we didn't carry things on our head.
Oh and I have no money to buy water. This is why Africa might kill me. Where is my money UVSC?? Better yet UVSC why did I receive an email saying that my SAP had caused me to be dropped from consideration from financial aid? What is an SAP and how did I screw that up. Why does my school want me to die?


AllgauerJodler said...

Guess what??? 25% of all american youth live in Poverty! Maybe you should come home and do a little humanitarian work in Utah!

whitney said...

Oh no!!!! I hope you don't have to drink their water, you'll get worms!!!

t-rextar said...

Jeff, Try to get a parasite, then we can be parasite pals and bosom buddies!

J-heff Denison said...

You have a worm!!