Friday, February 25, 2011

Oscar Watch

So what does $13.00 and 24 hours get you? Lots of things I imagine. Even more, if you live in the "developing world." However, for me, it was the opportunity to watch the unseen films nominated for Oscars this year. This would have been easier but, the Academy decided that they would bestow this honor on 10 films once again. Don't they understand, a young man can only deceive his friends and family into seeing so many of these films. To be honest, its because the movies have a restricted rating (Its hard being moral-less amongst the moral-ful).
The only film on the best picture list I haven't seen is 127 hours. I had the chance to see this film but chose to watch Blue Valentine instead. This experience was capped off by the fact that I was the only viewer in a theater for 200. It is however, the perfect way to view that film. Walking out from Blue Valentine I felt so bad for you married and committed people. Single life is the way to go because I sure as hell don't want to end up wearing those hideous glasses committed people like Ryan Gossling had to in that movie.
I don't really know how people decide what the best film of a year is. I would think it difficult because each film is intended to affect its viewer in a different way. So I have decided to make a list of least to greatest affect a film nominated this year had on me. Here is my list:

The Kids are Alright
The Fighter
True Grit
The King's Speech
Black Swan
Toy Story 3
The Social Network
Winter's Bone

127 hours-N/A

Now I am able to admit that this list is arbitrary. The movie I think should win best picture is the Kids are Alright. I found all the acting performances to be moving. Annette Benning as always truly shined. I realize that the King's Speech will most likely win and it was a great movie too. I probably ranked it a little lower because I felt like it didn't treat the final speech with the full weight it deserved. For heaven sakes Colin Firth is declaring war and everyone is declaring the King a success rather than treating the moment with the somberness it probably deserves. Social Network was good but it felt sanitized of emotion. The rest were all pretty good just didn't have the kind of catharsis the Kids are Alright had for me.
In the other categories I think best director should go to either Daren Aronofsky or The Coen Brothers. Both films had great vision. Best Actress I think its obvious I would want Annette Benning to win however all actresses in this category are great (I haven't seen Rabbit Hole so sorry Nichole). Natalie Portman will most likely win so it is a moot point. Best Actor is tough because I felt like Colin Firth should have won last year and Jeff Bridges should have won this year. What Jeff Bridges did was take an already iconic character and showed what it was like done well (sorry to those that like John Wayne). Colin Firth was good in The King's Speech but so much more understated, and moving in A Single Man. So Colin will win but in my mind it will be for A Single Man and vice-versa for Jeff Bridges. In supporting actress I have no preference. I liked Amy Adams a lot but also found Helena Bonham Carter to be quite good. Have yet to see the Animal Kingdom so I can't speak for Jacki Weaver but my heart belongs to Hallie Steinfeld. For a jewish girl to play precocious, tomboy, southerner so well I have to hope she wins it even if her big scene is with obviously CGI-ed snakes. Lastly, I really hope that John Hawkes, Christian Bale, or Geoffrey Rush win best supporting actor. It's a toss up. Yet, I have to wonder why Geoffrey Rush is in this category. His part seemed to be a co-leading role but I can understand the politics of it, not wanting to compete against Colin Firth. I like most people want not to reward Christian Bale seeing as how he is a complete Douche. However, what he did in the Fighter was fantastic, suddenly, and haltingly moving. And I found John Hawkes to be so compelling in Winter Bone. I would watch him endlessly. Welp, these are my thoughts, take them for what they are, the musings of an amateur film enthusiast. Here's hoping the Oscars don't suck.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Movies FYE won't buy II

2 Days in Paris
About a Boy
Away From Her
Little Miss Sunshine
Michel Gondry Music Video Collection
Music and Lyrics
My Kid Could Paint That
Notes on a Scandal
Rocket Science
Secret Agent Club
Smart People
Snakes on a Plane
The 11th Hour
The Edukators
The Evil Dead
The Little Shop of horrors
The Lives of Others
The Station Agent
There Will Be Blood
Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
What Just Happened
Year of the Dog

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Movies FYE won't buy

A Mighty Wind
A Prairie Home Companion
A River Runs Through It
Art School Confidential Battle in Seattle
Born into Brothels
Bottle Rocket
Breakfast on Pluto
Bubble Chisolm ‘72
Easy Virtue
For Your Consideration
Good Night, and Good Luck
Hollywood Land
Home for the Holidays
Lions for Lambs
Lovely and Amazing
Me and You and Everyone We Know
Pieces of April
Pretty Persuasion
Punch-Drunk Love
Saturday Night Live the Best of 06/07
Strangers with Candy
Talk to Me
The Boys of Baraka
The Devil Wears Prada
The Dying Gaul
The Jolly Boys Last Stand
The Painted Veil
The TV Set
Tracey Ullman Live and Exposed
Vera Drake
Welcome to Collinwood
What the Bleep do We Know