Sunday, April 01, 2007

For the Blog

I am not really much of a blogger. I really don't like words, let alone constructing them in some comprehensible and or meaningful way. Yet I have received some request to update. This will teach them!!
I visited my cat's house today. She seems to be doing fine. That was until I came upstairs and noticed this distinct smell. At first I thought,"well nobody told me I smelled like a septic tank." Then I went to the laundry room; the location of my kitty's fecal pile known as a litter box, was in fact solid. At first I thought I saw a fair woman semi-covered by a veil. I was witnessing the virgin and her mystery. Then I thought, why would Mary reveal herself in a pile of...opps, my cat had relieved itself a mountain. Silly us, we didn't realize that our cat isn't completely independent. I vow to you bloggers to check on my independent kitty more often.