Sunday, April 01, 2007

For the Blog

I am not really much of a blogger. I really don't like words, let alone constructing them in some comprehensible and or meaningful way. Yet I have received some request to update. This will teach them!!
I visited my cat's house today. She seems to be doing fine. That was until I came upstairs and noticed this distinct smell. At first I thought,"well nobody told me I smelled like a septic tank." Then I went to the laundry room; the location of my kitty's fecal pile known as a litter box, was in fact solid. At first I thought I saw a fair woman semi-covered by a veil. I was witnessing the virgin and her mystery. Then I thought, why would Mary reveal herself in a pile of...opps, my cat had relieved itself a mountain. Silly us, we didn't realize that our cat isn't completely independent. I vow to you bloggers to check on my independent kitty more often.


Amanda Jane said...

One day I'm going to get a call from Whitney saying your crazy cat has finally snapped and killed a member of your family. That poor sad kitty, I'm calling your parent's house right now to say "hi" to the little guy.

AllgauerJodler said...

How's your cat's cancer coming along? Does she still have that growth on her chest?