Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Monkey Sanctuary and other frolicks

Right Now, I'm in MY OWN room, the first of the trip. But I am wondering if it is the small victory I had assumed it to be. I have protection on in the form of a mosquito net. Why? Because it might be just like when Pandora first opened the box of mystery. So many new disgusting and revolting creatures. The net keeps me from dying. You know; that pesky malaria? I feel now that I can empathize with the bubble boy. I was attacked by a huge moth, it flew straight in my face as I was trying to shut a window. I might have made the slightest scream, which might have sounded like a girl. My bad!! The sheet for my bed was themed after 101 Dalmatians. When I first laid down the sheets were so grimy. I wasn't sure when the last time they were cleaned and didn't dare asks. This is why I have come to lovingly refer to my bed as 101 STDs.
A Monkey sanctuary is a curious thing. The monkeys, are they sanctified? Supposedly they are the town's people's ancestors. So, the next life for the African Villagers is dwelling atop trees to provide an income for the progenitors by attracting tourists to their town. I wonder that sounds satisfying to them? I guess they wouldn't worry need to worry about food. Some dumb white people would pay money just to feed them. They're the African equivalent of the marina carp at Lake Powell. They're just searching for the easiest meal. And aren't we all?
Earlier today we hiked to a waterfall. I didn't get in because, I think for the first time, I was cold(that was short lived). It was raining a little and the water was pretty frigid. I'm told I'll regret not getting in. Will see? What made the falls distinctive was the presence of hundreds of thousands of bats to the left of the descending drops of water. While swimming in the pool of water below the falls, the girls made some unearthly noise which disturbed some of the bats and the began to move from the perched they were resting on. Our guide saw that we were intrigued and banged a bench with the side of his machete to create a greater stir in the normally nocturnal creatures. I might have messed myself at this point. The guide was pleased with our fear.


Elizabeth said...

Jeff I miss you! I cant believe how grown up you sound in that big place of Africa. Keep the stories coming, I love reading them :)

Elizabeth said...

boy you need to post or else I will never know that you came home!