Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fat and Sassy

State Per capita income(2007) Rank in US (’07) Pct. of US avg. (’07) Pct. change
Montana $32,458 41 84 +5.4
Alabama $32,404 42 84 +4.9
New Mexico $31,474 43 82 +5.2
Idaho $31,197 44 81 +4.3
Utah $31,189 45 81 +6.1
Kentucky $31,111 46 81 +4.6
S. Carolina $31,013 47 80 +4.2
Arkansas $30,060 48 78 +5.6
W. Virginia $29,537 49 76 +4.7
Mississippi $28,845 50 74 +6.7

As I sat through my Natural Resources Economics and Policy class I was bored, almost petrified that I would never find another thing excitable in life. My teacher was showing a power point presentation, otherwise known as the bane of a modern college students learning experience. When on the screen I was shown a slide which showed states which had the lowest per capita income in 2007. I was surprised first to see that Utah was in the lower 10 than I took a closer look and saw that the list for low income was similar to another 10 state list. Food for thought. Pun absolutely intended!!!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. Interesting. Dude all I have to say is spend one week in Mississippi and you'll feel both a. so happy about all of the amazing fried goodness you've ingested and b. so sick that you feel like you'll never want to eat again!

Ha. I found you. I believe Miss Lisa J. had something to do with it. :) Anyways. Just wanted to say hi. Now I'm going to watch the Pee-Wee clip again. Let me know if you want to watch Pee's-Wee's Christmas Special with me come Christmas. I have it :D