Friday, August 01, 2008

Swaddled in eight pounds of chocolate and clothes

There is a new type of smuggling occuring on low cost airlines throughout europe. Many know that these airlines severly limit the amount of baggage and wieght one is allowed to carry on. Myself being terrible with metric wieghts always find myself scrambling to lighten the load. This new type of practice is wieght smuggling. Yes friends I was eight pounds over in Italy. My solution, wear about 8 layers of clothes. This of course is easier for the larger man. Yet with this normal precaution I was still overwieght, the bag not me. I quickly remembered the milka bars I was transporting. I slipped one into my cargo pocket and realized how inconspicious it was. 15 milka bars later I was on my way and the airline non the wiser.


WHITNEY said...

Did they melt in your pockets?

AllgauerJodler said...

that must've been the most delicious carry-on ever!

Jeff Denison said...

AS soon as I got through check-in and security I put the extra pounds back on my carry on.