Friday, March 21, 2008

Politcal Protection

Sitting in the wood room(the name I've come to call the classroom I take my natural resources and society class due to the vast amount of wood paneling), I was acoustically shaken to consciousness. A few minutes previous, the professor had handed-out a worksheet comparing Victorian attitudes towards sex and politics. Which, had i not been in this class, I probably would have thought twice about this comparison. Yet, I was in a alternate classroom environment, to put it politely, run by an economics professor(shout out to all my ECONies!!). "If you were telling your little brother or sister about sex what would you tell them?" he queried.
In my mind I thought,"What the hell?" The class was silent, awkward silent. Then one brave soul raised his hand and said, "use protection."
"Wow, what does explaining the does and don't about sex have to do with natural resources," I thought.
Then as a way to connect two ideas he suggested that the same advice to us as we proceed in a political arena. O.K. So I should only "debate" with someone I love, always wear my political condom, and . No wonder political alliances are often referred to as bedfellows. They are getting intimate baby. Oh disturbing pictures entered my mind as I considered politicians I knew: Janet Reno, Newt Gingrich, Rocky Anderson, Ted Kennedy, and Nancy Pelosi. Strange Bedfellows indeed!! I almost screamed out, "There is no talking about sex in the wood room." All I know is that the next time I go to a city council meeting I'm gonna wonder, "Did I bring protection?"

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