Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A snubb

Everyone I want to voice my opinion about the recent omission of Brad Renfro in the Oscar Memoriam Video, or the I thought they were already dead or gone too soon movie? If some don't know, Brad Renfro was the little boy in the client. He was also in such films as Apt Pupil, Bully, and Ghost World. He died, a week before Heath Ledger, because of an overdose of drugs. I am disappointed in the apparent snub. The academy said he wasn't included because there wasn't enough time. 3 seconds is the average time a person gets on this video. The Oscars finished 14 minutes early this year, I think Brad Renfro could have been included. The academy messed up but they don't want to admit it's true reasons for omitting Mr. Renfro. I think it was an error or a deliberate snub. I just think it was a life regardless of how he died he was part of a profession that has certain rituals when one of their own dies and it feels wrong to exclude one from those rituals.

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AllgauerJodler said...

Seriously... I thought Hollywood had morals!